March 22, 2007

Monster Kingdom : Jewel Summoner

Hi yaboyryan666 & guys

Receiving request from one of our friends, yaboyryan666, I would like to post my opinion on this game,
Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner.

First, I would say the story is good and fairly entertaining. Main character, Vice is a young man whose mother has been killed by a vicious monster, know as Abomination. He ends up going to Summoning School and meets up with a cast of characters that summons monsters to fight other monsters and the abominations. He finds himself in the ranks of The Order, an organization that trains jewel summoners.

And Vice can choose two of the Order's trainees to join on his quest to save the world. Each character is well fleshed out and unique. You get to choose from Lynn, Bargus, Elycia, and Grey.
Elycia is a spoiled brat, Grey has a bit of punk in him, and Bargus is a suck-up -- though they're all skilled summoners.

What sets this game apart through is the battle system. In the battle system, you dont actually control your own people. There are three playable characters and each has their own set of monsters they can swap in and out during the fight.

Vice can tote up to three jewels (equipped monsters) at a time. When your monster runs out of Magic Points, it goes back to its jewel to recover and the next monster enters the battle. My current favourites are the flying cat and the rock hopper penguin, their attack animations are hilarious.

The graphic design is excellent. The character designs are colourful, and provide an interesting look for the game. During dungeons and battle the visual are pretty solid and combat graphics are nice 3D, with unique splitscreen view of the action.

In addition, with one of the best RPG soundtracks of the year, Monster Kingdom is always a joy to listen to. And the voice acting is top notch as well.

However, you may find there is just too much dialougue to drive the story and not enough gameplay. And unlike the Shin Megami Tensei (same creator with Monster Kingdom), Monster Kingdom falls incredibly short.

Overall, I would rate Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner is a must buy and one of the best RPGs for PSP. The story, graphic, combat quality, battle system, interesting monster management all add points to this game.

RPG enthusianst, you sure dont want to miss this game !!

My rating : 8.5/10

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March 21, 2007

Rachet & Clank : Size Matter

Hi guys,

Recently I've tried out this game, Rachet & Clank: Size Matter, and I love it. I would like to give some opinion & review on it. The game's story is good and it drives the action along quite effectively. It has good sense of humor and plenty of weapon add-ons and enhancements. But the sound effects and camera control may need some improvements.

The game starts with Ratchet and Clank are on vacation and meet a little girl called Luna, who's writing a school report on heroes. And Luna is kidnapped, dropping a device that points the duo toward a mysterious race of tiny creatures. So they're quickly off on their quest to get the girl back, which of course leads to another plot twist, which sets them off in search of something else, and so on and so forth.

Several locked doors require player to use a shrink ray and them complete a "grind lock" course, dodging mines on rails and hitting switches to safely pass through doors, in order to succesfully unlock the door.

Weapons, is a big part of this game. You will start with basic laser-pistolike weapons, a rocket launcher, a sniper weapon, acid bombs, and so on. As you eliminate enemies, the weapons you use gain experience, and when you fill an experience meter, they change into more powerful versions of the same weapon.

You can also purchase mods for the weapons in couple of spots. In addition, you'll earn more life points as you eliminate enemies. You can also collect pieces of armor, and while you got a complete matching set of armor, you'll get a bonus to your wrench attacks, like fire or ice. But some armor pieces would be hard to find. You need to spend some time and seek around.

Size Matter has outstanding graphic design and it gets the good sense of humor across with great voice acting. The voice for Ratchet, Clank & Luna are expertly voiced and great.

Okie, what I think they need to improve are the sound effects and camera control. While they use a lot of effects in the game, your hits with the wrench dont really make any sort of satisfying "thump" sound, so it's sometimes hard to know if you're even hitting your target.

The camera control button are on the shoulder buttons, letting you rotate the camera at will. And there's another camera option that attempts to stick behind you, but it doesnt work so well. Neither of the camera controls are ideal, I think.

Overall, I think Ratchet & Clank : Size Matter is a great game. And if you like a rock-solid action game, this game is for you, you gonna love it !!

My Rating : 8.8 /10

I will update you guys on the cheats and review of this game in next few days. Or maybe you have known all these, it would be appreciated if you can share with me and I will post your comment or tips on the blog.

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